Fine Antique Carved Mahogany Jardiniere Stand Torchere Plinth Column

Fine Antique Carved Mahogany Jardiniere Stand Torchere Plinth Column

Fine Antique Carved Mahogany Jardiniere Stand Torchere Plinth Column

SALE - now discounted - for limited period only! However we do seriously consider all reasonable offers, whatever their level.

All proceeds of sale to go towards the church restoration. A most imposing piece of furniture. Please study the photographs carefully which convey a thousand words and constitute an important part of the description. Please also read the full description, terms and conditions etc. This item has developed an incredible and beautiful warm patina over the years. There is no significant wear to this item, which is unusual for such an item. We generally leave items as they are, as many buyers prefer them that way. These antiques are left in original condition, as that is how buyers often want them. Restoration is always kept to a minimum, employing only traditional techniques.

Notable condition remarks: Excellent condition with only the odd mark as would be expected of an item of this age. This piece is very solid, strong and quite heavy. Any number of photos cannot do this item justice. Please study our other auctions for other unique / unusual antiques, vintage items and curios.

New items are added regularly. Many of our items, including this one, have been custom / bespoke made to order, so inevitably if you miss out on this one, that is it.

However, please ask, as occasionally we have similar items. Please note that our items are mainly antique / vintage and therefore will inevitably show some signs of their past history and usage. We endeavour to point out any major defects that we find, which are out of the ordinary. If your preference is for unique antique / vintage items, look no further, we will be delighted to help, if we possibly can.

Furthermore, if you are in the rare position that you are not entirely satisfied, please do let us know and give us the opportunity to remedy. We are fourth generation furniture designers, manufacturers, fine artists and enthusiasts. Please ask for a quote. Or can be collected for free, or if you prefer you can arrange collection via your own courier. , also called Qing Empire, Empire of the Great Qing, or Manchu dynasty, was the last imperial. Of China, ruling from 1644 to 1912 with a brief.

It was preceded by the. The Qing multi-cultural empire lasted almost three centuries and formed the territorial base for the modern Chinese state. The dynasty was founded by the. In the late sixteenth century.

Originally a Ming vassal, began organizing Jurchen clans into. Nurhaci formed these clans into a unified entity, the subjects of which became known collectively as the. Began driving Ming forces out of Liaodong and declared a new dynasty, the Qing. In 1644, peasant rebels led by. Rather than serve them, Ming general.

Made an alliance with the Manchus and opened the. To the Banner Armies led by Prince. Was not completed until 1683 under the. From the 1750s to the 1790s extended Qing control into. While the early rulers maintained their Manchu ways such as they were simultaneously emperors to the Han Chinese.

To the Mongols and patrons of. , they governed using Confucian styles and institutions of bureaucratic government. To recruit Han Chinese to work under or in parallel with Manchus. They also adapted the ideals of the.

In international relations, and in places such as Taiwan, the Qing so-called internal foreign policy closely resembled colonial policy and control. Corruption set in, rebels tested government legitimacy, and ruling elites did not change their mindsets in the face of changes in the world system.

In Central Asia led to the deaths of some 20 million people. In spite of these disasters, in the. Of the 1860s, Han Chinese elites rallied to the defense of the Confucian order and the Qing rulers. The initial gains in the.

Of 1895, in which the Qing lost its influence over Korea and the possession of Taiwan. Were organized, but the ambitious. Of 1898 was turned back by. A ruthless but capable leader. When, in response to the violently anti-foreign.

Invaded China, the Empress Dowager declared war on them, leading to defeat and the flight of the Imperial Court to Xi'an. After agreeing to sign the Boxer Protocol the government then initiated unprecedented. Including elections, a new legal code, and abolition of the examination system. And other revolutionaries competed with reformers such as. To transform the Qing empire into a modern nation. After the death of the Empress Dowager and the Emperor in 1908, the hardline Manchu court alienated reformers and local elites alike. Local uprisings starting on October 11, 1911 led to the.

Abdicated on February 12, 1912. This item is in the category "Antiques\Woodenware\Stands". The seller is "prestige_carriage_masters" and is located in this country: GB.

This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.

Fine Antique Carved Mahogany Jardiniere Stand Torchere Plinth Column

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