Antique Vintage Nouveau Gold Filled GF Etruscan Carved MOP Cameo Pendant 7.1g

Antique Vintage Nouveau Gold Filled GF Etruscan Carved MOP Cameo Pendant 7.1g
Antique Vintage Nouveau Gold Filled GF Etruscan Carved MOP Cameo Pendant 7.1g
Antique Vintage Nouveau Gold Filled GF Etruscan Carved MOP Cameo Pendant 7.1g

Antique Vintage Nouveau Gold Filled GF Etruscan Carved MOP Cameo Pendant 7.1g
This pendant is part of a set with a matched pendant, which we also have for sale this week. Listing Description by: Angela A. Age Circa: Art Nouveau C. Gram Weight: 7.1 g. Metal Type: 14k yellow gold filled over base metal.

Main Stone: Mother of pearl. Stone Treatment: The stone(s) appear to be untreated, but we are not certified gemologists. Stone(s) have been tested and guaranteed using a professional Presidium Duo refractive, heat, and hardness tester. Stone Cuts: Carved and polished mother of pearl cameo. Length, including the bale: 2.30.

Bale opening measurements: 5 mm in length, 2.25 mm width. Handmade during the Art Nouveau era in the Etruscan Revival style. Composed of 14k yellow gold filled over base metal. The pendant features a mother of pearl stones carved into a beautiful cameo. This cameo depicts the likeness of a woman with elegant hair and a flowing headscarf in the style of Greco-Roman art.

The mother of pearl cameo rests in a four-prong setting and is surrounded by a geometric border with engine-turned designs. Completed with a standard bale, allowing it to be strung on an antique chain or necklace. There are minor scratches to the cameo in several areas, but this does not affect wear, and the stone remains secure. There is some wear to the yellow gold filled over base metal, revealing the base metal beneath it; however, this does not affect wear. The price has been reduced to reflect this. This listing is for the item only.

This was very true due to the gorgeous designs that came out of this period. This era focused on women and the beauty of nature and the pieces were often large.

Enamel was a common material used in Art Nouveau jewelry as the period was more about the importance of the design over the materials used to create it. The Art Nouveau period happened before the start of the first World War, when mass manufacturing took over the production.

Of many products, including some jewelry. Archaeological revival jewelry was inspired by the excavations and discoveries of Roman, Byzantine, Egyptian, and Etruscan sites in the 18th and 19th Centuries. These archaeological digs uncovered beautiful works of decorative arts, giving jewelers a glimpse into the past for inspiration for contemporary designs.

Some of the revival styles incorporate the use of filigree and granulation decorations. The revival styles emphasized the contrast between antiquity and modernity, with jewelers of the modern world borrowing motifs and techniques from the ancients, to perfect with advanced technologies and incorporate into modern designs. Etruscan Revival jewelry was first popularized during the early 1800s when an Etruscan tomb was discovered just outside of Rome.

Upon its discovery, jewelers worked to imitate and understand the metalworking techniques with which the jewelry was made. Not only was Etruscan jewelry a luxurious addition to the Victorian styles of the day. But it introduced new ideas and decorations. These Etruscan tombs contained jewelry adorned with long and flowing geometric lines and motifs, mythological imagery and scenery, and celestial elements.

The techniques of repoussé, filigree, and granulation are all attributed to the Etruscans. The Grand Tour was a popular vacation during the Georgian and Victorian eras.

This vacation was generally between two and four years long, and it allowed wealthy people the opportunity to study different cultures, architecture, and art. Gold filled jewelry consists of an outer solid gold layer over a metal base, and 5% of its weight should be derived from gold.

This solid layer of gold is laid over a base of sterling silver or some other kind of metal to produce a high-quality gold look. Mother of Pearl is a beautiful type of organic mollusk shell lining that is made up of nacre, the same substance that coats pearls. It is a strong, iridescent material that is well suited to decorative arts, and has been used in art, jewelry and even architecture for thousands of years. Mother of Pearl is highly prized for its distinct, multi-colored pearlescent glow. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Vintage & Antique Jewelry\Necklaces & Pendants".

The seller is "abeautifultimeco" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Antique Vintage Nouveau Gold Filled GF Etruscan Carved MOP Cameo Pendant 7.1g

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